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Everything You Need to Know About Parenting

We parents sure worry a lot, don’t we? We worry our kids will never sleep through the night. We worry..

Just shut right up

Look, I love my children and I feel very happy with my situation in life. I’m glad I work from..

In conversation with Mason, age five

The other day, my five-year-old son came home from school and was telling my husband and I about a show..

I let my kids fail

My basement carpet is most often littered with glitter and pompoms and various other crafty supplies. A full corner is..

Parental Privacy: Level Failed

This is what Day 11 of our Christmas break looks like around here:   How’s yours going?

Girls Will Be Girls (A Boomco Review)

It’s a good thing I have great experience in eating my words, because I just swallowed a whoooooole pile more..

Mason Unwraps a Smile with Kinder Surprise

It’s Halloweek here — all Halloween talk, all the time. The kids have been counting down the days to their..

What’s your parenting metaphor?

We recently took our kids to an amusement park, where there are rides all geared to the under-10 crowd. It’s..

Dear Mama of The Crying Child

Dear Mama of The Crying Child

When my son was just three years old, I walked him to kindergarten. I was ready for him to go,..

Marc Saltzman’s Top Tech Tips for Students (PLUS GIVEAWAY!)

It’s crazy to think that in grade three, my daughter already needs to be thinking about technology at school. Her..