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Perfect Decor Accents from Little Monkey Designs

I strongly believe in supporting small businesses, and this is one I know you’re going to love, too. You may..

*~ CLOSED ~* Spring Cleaning For the W-I-N! Literally!

It’s the end of March, which means New Year’s resolutions are long gone, and spring cleaning looms. I’d like to..

This is a post about kids and sleep

I’m betting that one of the most oft-Googled subjects for parents relates to kids and their sleep. For new parents,..

Another Post about Milk Paint

I scored these solid wood tables at a yard sale this summer for $10 for the pair, and today I..

Recovering Old Speakers: Cheap and Cheerful DIY

These speakers have been in my life for as long as I can remember. My life’s music was played through..

Prettifying my curb-found table: Adventures in milk painting

I’ve told you about this table before, haven’t I? While out for a walk in our old neighbourhood, my Dad..

DIY Projects on the Cheap

Since moving is a giant expense, and there’s so much to be done in our new-to-us home, I’ve taken on..