Make a Difference with CAA’s RecycleDrive Initiative

What happens to all those worn out batteries you go through? Do you know where motor oil goes? What about old car tires?

Question: What do you do with your old batteries, oil and tires?

(Hint: You don’t throw them in the garbage, your green or your blue bins!)

Answer: You drop them off at any participating CAA Auto Approved Repair Facility for proper recycling. (And if you’re one of the first 50 participants at your location you’ll receive free yard waste bags… bonus!)

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For the fourth year, CAA is running its successful RecycleDrive initiative, taking automotive, marine and household batteries that contain toxic chemicals and ensuring they’re recycled safely. Did you know even those many AAs and AAAs in your kids’ toys should never be tossed in the garbage? We throw all ours into a bag and once a year, dispose of them safely, thanks to CAA’s great initiative. Through RecycleDrive, CAA diverts tires from landfills and dumps, cleaning up stockpiled old tires and avoiding those stinky (and toxic!) bonfires, too.

Until Oct 30, 2014, you can drop off your dead batteries, used oil filters, motor oil and old tires (without rims) at 37 locations in communities across Ontario.

And if that’s not incentive enough, there’s even a $20,000 Community Revitalization Prize up for grabs! Help your local AARS facility collect the most tires and you can help transform a community school building, grounds, or play space into an eco-friendly environment using $20,000 worth of innovative recycled tire products and landscaping goods donated by OTS and CAA SCO! This transformation includes recycled tire products (like rubber mulch, playground surfacing, rubber flooring) and greenery (trees, grass, and plants). (Visit to see the variety of products made from recycled tires, it’s pretty amazing!)

When you consider that every year, there are approximately 12 million (seriously!) tires sold in Ontario, it’s easy to understand how important safe and responsible disposable is to our environment. It’s a triple win, really a win for the environment, a win for the economy, and a win for the community!

To date, more than 60 million scrap tires in Ontario alone have been recycled through the Used Tires Program — crazy! And in just four years of the RecycleDrive program, 472 automotive and marine batteries, over 7000 tires, 3400 pounds of household batteries, and almost 8000 litres of oil have been recycled and disposed of properly and safely!

Join CAA on Twitter and Facebook, and let them know how you’re doing your part to green up the earth thanks to their #RecycleDrive initiative!




Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are, of course, all mine.

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