CAA’s Battery Service Gives Peace of Mind

There are many things about which I obsess almost daily — my son’s food allergies, how much screen time my kids are getting, what to make for dinner, how many deadlines I have, to mention just a few. And then there are things I rarely (if ever) think about — how my hair looks from the back, how many dust bunnies live under my fridge, and how my car’s battery is doing, for example. Although, even when I’m not thinking about them, my hair’s doing crazy stuff, the bunnies are a-multiplying, and the battery is running out its lifespan under the hood of my car.

My first car was a 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 (manual transmission, of course), given to me in 1998 by my parents. My Dad had bought that slick little car from my grade 8 teacher and I drove it until 2002 when I bought my very first brand new vehicle. That zippy Z24 was a royal pain in the butt, needing more repairs than anything I’d ever care to own again. But the education I got from owning a “beater” was priceless.


I learned what it sounds like when a car’s alternator is going. I learned how to change flats, and change oil and oil filters (in a few different models of cars, actually).

changing oil filter

I learned how to boost a battery (and how to prolong battery life), and how to grind rust off a car’s body and repaint it to keep it looking decent for as long as possible. It was pretty empowering to have in-depth knowledge about my car, and to know that when I took it into a shop, I had a good sense of what was wrong before the mechanics diagnosed it. I drove my Z24 until it was 14 years old, and it was still in great shape at the end.

One of the best lessons I learned when I first got my own car was about always being prepared in case something (anything) happened. For me, that meant having a CAA membership — it was a huge relief to know help was always just a phone call away. They boosted and replaced batteries in that Z24, and gave me tows to the shop whenever some other part decided to give out on me. Nothing was more convenient than being able to make a call to them and have one of their friendly drivers pop over, diagnose the problem, and replace a battery on the spot.


Nowadays I appreciate this convenience more than ever. With two young kids, the last thing I feel like doing is figuring out what’s wrong with the car, and how exactly I’m going to get it to the shop. Not only is the CAA battery service convenient, it’s also comparable in price to what I’ve paid at the dealership. You can check it out for yourself on their site, and note that if you buy battery from CAA, there’s no extra charge on installation. (In addition, Members can save $15 on the purchase.) CAA also offers batteries made using green practices and they’ll safely recycle your old battery at no additional charge.


You won’t always know when your car’s battery has reached the end of its lifespan, and sometimes we leave lights on, or doors open and batteries run out of juice — it happens. And when it does, CAA’s Battery Service is an excellent way to be sure you’re never left stranded.



Disclosure: This post was sponsored by CAA, but the opinions (and images of me doing cool car stuff) are my own.


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