Brighter Skin with Silk’n ReVit (REVIEW)

Brighter Skin with Silk’n ReVit (REVIEW)


Ohhh, my friends. Let me paint you a picture of my skincare regime:

Step 1. I don’t have one.

That’s it. Seriously. On the days I wear makeup (which is rarely), I just wash my face with coal tar soap and call it a day. On occasion, because I have really, really sensitive skin, I cleanse with the soap, tone with apple cider vinegar, and use a calendula lotion from the health food store. I’m not au naturel out of desire, actually, but rather, out of necessity.

I’ve tried expensive lotions and potions, and my skin likes what it likes, so that’s what I use. I don’t get facials, and I’ve never had any treatments or procedures done at all. Having sensitive skin means being leery of everything that goes near it, so I’m often wishing for brighter/clearer skin, but unable to do much to get it.

So what can I do when it’s looking a little dull? I want glowy skin, too! I want it to look like all my friends who visit spas. But I’m too nervous to let anyone touch this sensitive skin of mine. That’s why I was intrigued by the Silk’n ReVit system. . .

It’s a 100% crystal-free home microdermabrasion device that literally sloughs off the dead, dull, and damaged layer of skin. But I get to use it at home, as I like, adjusting it to my skin’s own needs. With vacuum stimulation, it leaves skin brighter and fresher-looking.

And guess what? It really works.

I tried it for two weeks, with some “problem areas” in mind to watch, and I’m delighted with the results.

Silk'n ReVit Microderm Kit Review at
The ReVit has three interchangeable tips: course, fine, and precision, for different areas of the face. And there are two suction levels. I suggest starting with the finest tips and lower vacuum setting to start. All you do is glide the ReVit along taut skin. That’s it. No pressure, no work, nothing else. Under the tip is the disposable filter, which you can change as needed.

I used the system 6 times over 2 weeks. You begin by holding the device like a pen and running it over your skin – the gentle suction feels really nice, and the tips aren’t hard on the skin at all.

I’m 41 now, and definitely noticing the changes in my skin’s needs, and I really love the Silk’n ReVit system because it’s an inexpensive (around $130CDN) way to get results at home.

Silk'n ReVit microdermabrasion works to gently slough off dull skin cells, leaving skin healthier and more vibrant. See full review at

Immediately, I saw nicer skin around my nose, where I find the skin is often dry and I definitely feel like my skin is brighter after just two weeks.

These photos were all taken without filters – not bad, right?

Two weeks later, I see some results from the Silk'n ReVit system. Read more at

In short, I’d absolutely recommend this system if you’re looking for realistic results, but nothing drastic.

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This post was brought to you by Silk’n ReVit but the images and opinions are my own.

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