#BlogSmallJoys — Zoe’s Joy

Ahh, it’s the start of a short week, and I don’t know about you, but I’m coming down off a busy holiday weekend and enjoying a little quiet today while I catch up on the week’s work. I’m so happy to share yet another #BlogSmallJoys post with you today!

This week’s submission comes from someone with whom I connected on Twitter: Zoë Siskos. Do you follow her there, too? You can find her on Instagram and oh, on her website, also. And I absolutely love her short and sweet submission because this is one of my absolute favourite joys, too. 

Enjoy this little bit of sunshine!

#BlogSmallJoys: Zoe's joy

It doesn’t matter what kind of a day I’ve had, when I get home the first thing I see is Spanky and her wagging tail; I melt with happiness.

Spanky is my dog, she’s been in the family for 8 years and her enthusiasm for my crossing the threshold has never faltered. I could be gone for 20 seconds to take out the garbage or gone for 2 days on a business trip and she is always so pumped to welcome me home.

She does the same for everyone in the family but has little nuances for each person based on known preferences. My husband, James, loves it when she jumps on him. She’s a little Scottie/Westie breed so she doesn’t reach much past his knees but she paws at him and stretches as far as she can while he scratches her belly, encouraging her. For me, she sits patiently at my feet, tail wagging so hard her whole body shakes while her tail swipes the floor, back and forth.

Spanky brings Zoe's joy, one wagging tail at a time. :)

This small gesture brings me so much joy that it’s a noticeable void when it doesn’t happen. Whenever I am away from home and arrive back at my hotel room I have a tiny pang at how unwelcome I feel before I recognize it’s because Spanky is not there to greet me.

And I distinctly remember the time I came home and she wasn’t at the door. I searched the whole house calling her name, only to find out that she was out on a walk with my Mom and nephew. I think that time it was my tail wagging to greet her coming home.

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