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Looks like spring has finally decided to pay us a visit in my neck of the woods, which is distracting me greatly. So instead of writing anything today, I’m once again sharing a submission to the #BlogSmallJoys series. This comes from a friend I’ve known for a very long time online, but have never met in person. She’s wonderful, and so is her story. Her story is a lot like my own — although my own anxiety has never taken me this far, it’s something I have to work on every single day.

Kristine’s a mom to two, and has been married for 10 years. She’s from a small town in Saskatchewan, and holds a degree in Commerce. Her photography is beautiful, and I think she’s a wonderful, fascinating, talented person. You can find Kristine HERE and HERE, too.

Kristine’s focus on the small things is something I do, too. Thank you for submitting, Kristine. xox


I remember very clearly one chilly autumn day I was bundled in my coat, toque and mitts, lying in the hammock outside our house. With one leg hanging over the side, I pushed with my foot and swung the hammock back and forth. I did this for hours, lost in my thoughts.

A few days before I had been released from the hospital after a severe bout of anxiety and for days I did nothing but lie in bed or swing outside in my hammock. In that moment, while I was swinging mindlessly, I suddenly noticed the birds singing. I thought about how beautiful the sound was and how relaxing it was to just sit there and listen. Instead of thinking about how overwhelming and pointless life felt, I was able to sit and enjoy the moment.

I felt at peace.

From that point on I have made it a priority to stop and enjoy the small things: The smell of my kids hair (sounds weird but it has always relaxed me), relaxing beside my kids at bedtime and listening to their soft breathing while they sleep, holding hands with my husband while we watch tv, or listening to the birds in our yard.

It helps me to stay in the moment and not let my thoughts run away from me. It’s not easy by any means. I know I’ll always struggle with anxiety and depression but now I also know that even at if I’m at my lowest point, it’s still possible to find the little joys in life.

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2 thoughts on “#BlogSmallJoys: Kristine’s Little Joys

  1. This is really lovely. I can almost *see* you lying in the hammock, pushing with your foot. In a way, that was meditation.

    It would be nice if we could all find a way to be in the moment in that way every day.

    Anxiety can be a real jerk. I am glad you have kept your sights set on these #smalljoys.

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