#BlogSmallJoys: Kamerine’s Joys

Today it’s -31C (that’s with wind chill) where I live, and people are capital-G-grumpy. It’s sunny, though, and my kids are warm, healthy and in school. These are my small joys. What are yours? This week, I’m so please to welcome Kamerine to the #BlogSmallJoys series.

Kamerine blogs about her life as a parent, a friend, a writer, and a birth doula at Life of K. According to her, she can be pretty lazy, but when she’s not, she likes to run, do yoga, read, and write. (Sounds to me like she more than makes up for the occasional “lazy” day, wouldn’t you agree?)I am always searching for new content for this ongoing series. It’s all about finding and appreciating the small joys in life. If you’d like to participate (and I really hope you do!), you can email me at alexandriawrites {at} gmail {dot} com.
While I haven’t recently experienced a possible heart attack like Alex, I do try to notice the small things in life. Things that make me smile instead of pull my hair out. What can I say, I spend my days with a threenager, but at least she’s cute.

I look at my daughter and smile when I notice her using her left hand to draw, and smile when she draws herself, her brother, our cat, and me and her dad. Over and over. I smile when my 5-year old son hops off the bus sporting “real chicken pops”. I smile when he picks an outfit to look handsome and models that after what his dad wears to work. I smile when we all crowd onto my bed to read books before bed, and if the cat joins us we call it a family party.

But my kids aren’t the only source of joy in my life. I also love sunsets and the trees that have leaves of all colours these days. I love driving fast with the music loud, heading somewhere by myself. I love eating food I haven’t cooked and I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after baking something, which is rare.

I love creating things – I write yes, but I also make jewelry, and I love giving people their pieces, knowing it was made just for them. I smile when I combine different stones that represent a family, or a couple, or sibilngs, into a tree of life. I know that it’s a celebration of those people and seeing their colours together makes me smile.

I love seeing babies being born and the look on the new mom’s face. I love watching a partner fully support a mom and the love radiating from them both when they look at their new baby. I can’t help but get a little teary whenever a baby enters this world. Our bodies and new life are just incredible.

I also love learning new things and being challenged to think in new ways. I love teaching my kids that not everything is black and white and that they should be curious about everything around them. I like being curious about my world.

So thank you to Alex for letting me use her space to get this out there. It was really nice letting words flow and a great way to realize that there are so many small joys in my life, way more than I’ve talked about here. I’m sure there are tons in your life too and I can’t wait to read all about them.
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