#BlogSmallJoys: How Jamie Found the Small Joys

This week’s #BlogSmallJoys submission comes from a woman I respect more than she probably knows. Jamie is a Community Manager, Blogger at JamieLeighTO.com, passionate internet-er, and proud Torontonian. When she isn’t online, you can find Jamie drinking coffee, spending time with her dog, enjoying live music, or exploring Toronto. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram, but only if you don’t mind seeing photos of her daily small joys. 


You know that 100 Days of Happy that dominated social feeds for a little while? It was all about encouraging people to find 1 thing each day that made them happy, and sharing a photo of that thing or moment on social media. Prior to the launch of that social project, I had embarked on my own, private version of the challenge.

I was going through a bit of a rough patch in life. The kind of rough patches that you’re not quite sure how you got in and even more importantly, how to get yourself out. I had a job that I loved, friends that were amazing and endlessly supportive. My dog gave me kisses on the reg, and my cat was…well, a cat. I was comfortable financially, and my family was happy and healthy. But I was in a rough patch that I could not seem to get out of. During a short moment of clarity, I realized that I had let other people dictate or control my happiness for a long time. It was my turn to control my own happiness, and I took it upon myself to find something good – some little piece of happiness or small joy – each and every day.

At the time, I worked from home. It wasn’t always easy to find the small joy from my home office. Some days I had to find the house in search of my small joys. Some days they just came to me. Soon they came more easily, and more often, and eventually I was out of my rough patch and back to my positive, chipper self…

…thanks to these small joys:

– Walks through my local park with a hot coffee to think over creative ideas

– Taking a moment out of my work day to listen to my favourite song on my tiny balcony

– The unconditional love of my two pets – my partners in crime – even if I stepped in their puke getting out of bed

– The chance to meet an amazing elephant, lions, and tigers and contribute to animal conservation efforts with one of my clients

– Being able to work outside, or from wherever I wanted

– Being healthy

– Sending little surprises to the friends who supported me – like packages of cookies to their office or dropping off their favourite gluten-free treats while they’re at work

Since then, I’ve made a conscious effort to prioritize self care. I make sure that I take time to myself to do whatever it is I want to do. I make sure that I keep finding these small joys – and the large joys. I’ve taken control back over my own happiness, and I’ll never let anyone or anything take it again. It’s important to remember that positivity isn’t a personality trait, it’s a state of mind, or an attitude, that anyone can choose to have.

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