BlissDom: But Then What?

BlissDom Canada is full of inspiration and encouragement. There’s a lot to learn, people to meet, and plans to be made.

What you do with all the inspiration after the conference is over is what will help shape your future!

Join me at BlissDom Canada this year!How do you maintain motivation after the conference? How can you keep the ball rolling after BlissDom?

First, take a deep breath. If you’re anything like me, returning from a conference like this one can feel very overwhelming. It takes me a few days to wind down after afterwards, and get my head back on straight. Take a look at these networking tips for introverts (don’t worry extros, they’ll help you, too), then come on back and let’s talk about your future, ok?

Remember all those plans you made prior to BlissDom Canada? Remember all those notes you took during the inspirational sessions? Post-conference time is when you’ll go back and evaluate all those plans, and compare them to the notes you took.

Here are some tips to help you keep the momentum going once the conference is over.

Identify the important stuff. Yes, the parties are amazing and fun, and yes, it’s great to connect in person with people on your Twitter list, but how do these things connect with your business plans? What did you write the most notes about? Those things felt important at the time, so decide how they fit into your plans and build them into your evolving business plans.

Set goals. Be specific. Do you want to make $X writing this year? Would you like to write for X Publication? Would you like to finish a book? Write it down. Commit to the goal. Even better, find a mentor or goal buddy and share your goals and encourage accountability.

Reach out. Send some emails to brands or people you met, firming up the relationship. Tell them how you see your relationship developing — want to work with/for them? Or just keep in touch? Be clear, make plans, be brave and ask for the job!

Take chances. If you never ask, the answer will always be “no”. Don’t be afraid to charge headlong into your dreams. If you want to work with a dream brand, reach out to them and tell them why. If you want to write for a certain publication, touch base and show your moxie. The knowledge gained at BlissDom Canada will take you far — use it!

Be your own PR department. Nobody knows your value quite like you do! What are the things you wish people knew about you? Ok, great, now go tell them. Don’t be afraid to humble brag a little — reach out to the people you want to keep in touch with and tell them exactly why you’re a great connection. (Because you are! You really, really are!)

Good luck, everyone!

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