Finally, a Product That Helps Me Hate My Period Less

Finally, a Product That Helps Me Hate My Period Less

I got my period when I was 12, and I didn’t think it would be possible to ever hate it as much as I did that year, but hey, life’s all about surprises! Here I am at 41 in the throes of perimenopause, despising my dumb-dumb-stupid-head period more than ever. And I know I’m not alone, because my post about how I’m handling my period is one of my most popular of all-time.

Periods suck, amiright, ladies? They just do. I’ve tried every product on the market, from cups to tampons to pads and full-on begging the period gods to please cease their attacks. I’ve resigned myself to the unhappy fact that with menstruation comes leakage, discomfort, and yup, odours I would rather not acknowledge.

But you know what? A new line of products from Asana has me filled with hope.

Not only is the product designed by a woman (hallelujah!), but she’s also a chemical engineer with a Masters from the University of British Columbia (go, Canadian women!) who has developed a real breakthrough in the feminine protection product department. (They’re calling it Asana’s Biowave Advantage™, and Health Canada has actually given it the incredibly difficult to attain label of being an antibacterial Medical Device Class 1 – it’s basically a super hero in maxi-pad form.)

I know it’s hard to believe after all these years using those plastic-y, smelly, and/or non-absorbent, leaking products that someone’s developed something better, but trust me – I’m using them myself now, and they’re lightyears better than anything I’ve ever tried. I could tell you that they use tourmaline and silver to make them awesome, but who knows what that really means?

These pads effectively reduce menstrual discomfort, dispel odour, increase air circulation, balance your body’s pH and more. Seriously. Plus, no chloride in the pads, and their packaging uses soya ink and is biodegradable. So I feel zero guilt about how the products affect the environment, and when the day comes that my daughter gets her period, I’ll feel comfortable with her using the products, too.

And they’re the thinnest, most absorbent pads ever. Without going into too much detail (oh, who am I kidding? I’m all about oversharing!), they can handle my tidal wave of a period with ease. Finally!

I mean, if they’re good enough for Canadian BoarderCross champion Alanna McCormick, they’re good enough to give me the confidence to head to the gym during my period… something I never dared to do in recent years.

I’m recommending these things to people left, right, and centre (even strangers… and you know how I hate talking to people) and I’m willing to bet you’ll love them, too.

Urban Mommies has a fantastic $650 giveaway of Asana products and other amazing stuff, so be sure to enter that.


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