Anytime is Game Time (a review)

I don’t know about you, but I know my kids see more than enough screen time. They have portable game systems, iPods, iPads, Nintendo 3DS systems and more. It takes a whole lot of willpower to deny them their video games, to be honest. It’s so much easier to hand over a device that’ll keep them quiet in the car, or quiet while running errands, or quiet… whenever. These screens have become the candy of my kids’ generation.

But you know what’s missing when we hand over the screens? Talking. Chatting. Laughing and playing together. Interaction. Connection with people.

I was asked if I’d like a box of board games to play with my family, and I eagerly accepted. Board games! Imagine that!? Imagine games that don’t require charging? That we can play together?

As a kid, my two cousins had every board game known to mankind. I mean, truly. Every single one. In my house, we had word and trivia games, that was it. So I don’t come to board games naturally at all. My kids have had some, sure, but being 4 and 8 means that most of the games we’ve played are geared to them, and hold little interest for the adults.

But you know what happened when we opened the box we were sent?

Joy happened. Laughter, and cooperation, learning and connection between us. We were sent a few games (some were above my kids’ capabilities, but we’ll break those out with our own friends one evening!) to play. My kids are absolutely hooked on UNO, both of them playing it eagerly. The other night when Story and I took Mason to his dance class, instead of letting her pack her iPod like I normally do, I put the package of UNO cards in my purse and off we went. Here’s what happened:

Story, Mason and I played until class started. Then Story and I continued playing until two of her friends showed up and joined in the game until their classes began. Conversations happened! Fun happened! Other kids were watching and smiling, standing behind my kids and eagerly seeing what was going on. It was pretty cool to watch.

It was also really inspiring to see what kids can come up with when their little faces aren’t staring into screens non-stop. And what I’ve learned is that anytime really is game time.

Sitting in a waiting room? In a restaurant waiting for your meal? Sitting around after dinner on a Tuesday? Anytime is time for fun, connection, conversation and memories with your friends and family, it really, really is.

What’s your favourite game to play with your family?



Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, but the opinions are, as always, genuine.

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