Another Post about Milk Paint

I scored these solid wood tables at a yard sale this summer for $10 for the pair, and today I decided it was time for them to live somewhere other than my garage.

photo (83)So I pulled out the Homestead House milk paint and got to work. (Note: this is not a sponsored post. These are products I’ve purchased and love, and just want to share that I use them, that’s all.)


Sturbridge White
Rideau Blue






These two were the colours left over from my kitchen table project. You can see how the colour swatch online is nothing like the actual colour, right? That’s how I made my mistake the first time, thinking it was the right shade for my kitchen (it so isn’t). But my library has a different colour palette so I’ll give it a try there.

I also dug out the Cutting Edge stencils I purchased months ago, thinking it might be nice to add some pattern to the tables. I have a few really gorgeous stencils, but went with the Falling Leaves one. I like that I can customize the pattern of the leaves however I want, and it’s not a repetitive, symmetrical pattern.

I mixed the milk paints fairly thick this time so instead of giving just a wash coating, they’re fairly opaque. Once the paint was dry (which took about an hour), I used a foam brush to stencil, and here’s the end result:

photo (84)I’m quite happy with them, and I love the side table tucked into this corner of our library:

photo (85)Added bonus: I scored that vintage banker’s light on the table at Value Village on the weekend for $7.99. But wait, there’s more! I had just dropped off a pile of stuff to donate, so they gave me a 30% off coupon, so my darling lamp was less than $6. Score!

photo (86)Once I get the curtain panels up in the library, the colours should all go together quite well.

What do you think?


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