And time marches on

Today’s the last day of school here, and I’m so excited to spend the summer vacation with my kids. There are some camp days planned, some day trips, a few road trips, and a whole lot of sleeping in. I’m ready with an arsenal of activities to keep them busy, and they’ve made plans with friends to hang out all summer long.

But just behind all the excitement, I am reminded that time’s moving forward so very quickly. My baby isn’t a baby anymore — he’s heading to grade one in the fall. My daughter will be in grade four. And while I don’t lament days gone by, I want to capture each of these days and bottle it to relive later.

It may seem silly, but I work with brands on my blog for more than monetary reasons. Sure, the money I make here helps pay our bills, but there are some I work with because they really do mean a lot to us. Kinder is one of those brands. Kinder Eggs have always been a special part of my kids’ lives, and today will be no different. When my kids return from their last days in Senior Kindergarten and Grade Three, there will be notes written to them with Kinder Eggs on the kitchen table. Those little eggs are so full of happiness.

Kinder Eggs are a part of special traditions with my kids

They’ll come rushing in, and Mason won’t be able to read all the words in his letter, so he’ll ask his big sister to help. They’ll shout, “Yay! Thanks, Mommy!” and open their eggs, popping open the familiar little yellow capsules and excitedly checking out the toys they get. They love the little Minion toys that are out right now, and are so excited to see the movie when it’s released this summer.

Kinder Eggs are a tradition here, and even when they’re too old for them, I’ll still buy them, and I know they’ll at least pretend to be excited.

Tonight, we’ll celebrate the end of the school year with a fun dinner together, and a movie night.

Traditions matter to us, and even though each one marks another year gone by, and time slipping through our fingers, they’re also what life’s made of, and what gives us such joy.

Bring on the summer! <3

Disclosure: I am a KinderMom, and as such, I am compensated for my posts about Kinder Eggs. That said, we’ve been fans long before I was involved in their program, and will be long after my work with them is complete. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “And time marches on

  1. I could go for a Kinder egg right about now.

    I can’t wait until the Minions movie comes out!

    How goes summer? We *just* finished on the 30th. CRAAAYYYZEEEE!

    So that makes today our first official day of summer break.

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