Adjusting Facebook Privacy Settings

Every once in awhile, it’s smart to take a look at your personal Facebook profile page to make sure the privacy settings are set to your comfort level. They change things up around Facebook regularly, so sometimes you may think you’re on lockdown when really, there are openings into your profile you may not want public. Here are some tips to help adjust your settings.

STEP ONE: Click on your own profile, then on the right side of the page where you see “…”, click that, and the drop-down box will appear as below. Click “View As”. You can choose to see your profile as the general public, as a friend, or as someone on any lists (like “Limited” or “Restricted” profiles) you’ve created. My biggest concern is how my profile appears to the public. I like to show the bare minimum — only my current profile pic and header image. Nothing else.

How to set your Facebook privacy settings to make sure it's not all public.


STEP TWO: In the “Privacy” section (see left), look to see that your settings are as tight as you’d like. The “Limit Past Posts” is a quick and easy way to lockdown all your past years of status updates quickly. I also limit who can search for me by email and phone number.

Managing Facebook privacy settings is key. Here's how!


STEP THREE: In the “Timeline and Tagging” section, you get to choose who can post to your timeline, who can see posts on your timeline, and manage posts off your timeline that people tag you in. This is VERY helpful for when you really don’t want to be tagged in photos other people take. Like me. Ha

Managing Facebook privacy settings is key. Here's how!

Now go back to your “View as” option to see how it looks.

You can always edit individual photo albums or posts, too. You can choose to allow some people to view them but not others. Utilizing lists is a really great way to share different content with different friends. Like sharing photos with really close family and friends and just sharing other items with the rest of your friends. There’s also a “Blocking” section which I find particularly handy for removing unwanted people from my Facebook experience. I no longer have to see posts from that one person I dislike, and my ex boyfriends can’t view my profile or see my posts anywhere. Handy!

It’s really customizable and although absolutely nothing on the internet is really private, understanding these small tweaks can at least help a little.

Hope this helps!

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6 thoughts on “Adjusting Facebook Privacy Settings

  1. just started with Facebook a few months ago & am concerned about privacy.. these are helpful tips! thanks 🙂

    1. I find it frustrating that Facebook changes it up every so often. It’s so hard to keep on top of it all.

  2. No this wasn’t at all helpful. I’ve done all of that, yet my “view as public” has photos and comments by friends. FB is very frustrating.

    1. That’s because you need to adjust another setting. Go into your “Privacy” tab, and you’ll see “Who can see my stuff”. There are many options in there to adjust who can see comments left on your timeline, who can see photos you’re tagged in, etc.

      Facebook is frustrating, but you can definitely block those items from the general public quite easily.

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