5 Ways to Survive Spring Allergies

Spring is beautiful, but with it comes allergies

You guys! Spring is coming, spring is coming! Spring is my absolute favourite time of year, and it’s not just because my birthday is in May. (Although, I’m turning 40 this year, so that’s a pretty awesome reason to be excited for spring!) I just love everything about this time of year. Watching the snow banks melt away, seeing the crocuses bud and the leaves come out on the trees. Being able to walk my kids to school without freezing our faces off, and the dog not shivering like crazy while out for potty breaks.

Springtime allergies are coming

What I absolutely despise about spring are my environmental allergies. I’m allergic to ohhh, everything that grows outside my house. The trees, the grass, the weeds, the flowers, the moulds, all of it.  My eyes burn and are so itchy. My nose itches and runs. I sneeze. I can’t even wear mascara because I can’t wear waterproof stuff, and my watery eyes wash all the normal stuff away.

Spring allergies don't have to be that badSpring allergies make me want to stay inside, but if I do that, I miss all the things I love most about the season. So instead, I do these five things to cope:

5. I give the house a deep cleaning.

Because we have dust allergies at our house, I keep it pretty allergen-free, but after being closed up most of the winter, dust happens. So I give the house a really deep cleaning so that I know my allergies aren’t being exacerbated by the allergens inside when the ones outside start their attack.

4. I medicate.

There’s no need to suffer. I take REACTINE® and it helps alleviate my symptoms for up to 24 hours. Once I take a pill I know relief is around the corner since REACTINE® can start to work in 20 minutes and lasts for such a long time. (Here’s a coupon for REACTINE® if you’d like to use it, too!)

3. I use sinus flushes.

In addition to my REACTINE® I have a Neti Pot and my sinuses thank me whenever I use it by not being plugged 24/7. Bye-bye itchy, runny nose!

2. We change the furnace and air conditioning filters.

We use HEPA filters to reduce the allergens circulating through the air year-round, and change them regularly.
1. We make sure we’re eating healthily to help boost our immune systems.

It works! A strong immune system can fight off the symptoms better than a weakened one, so even if the allergens attack, it won’t seem so bad if your immune system’s strong.

Want to find out more about allergies? (I mean, who doesn’t?!) Click on over to the REACTINE® site.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by REACTINE®, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information please visit www.reactine.ca.


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14 thoughts on “5 Ways to Survive Spring Allergies

  1. Don’t forget to ditch the harsh chemical cleaners, they are toxic to yourself and the environment. Switch to using essential oils, soap, lemon, vinegar, baking soda and washing soda, these do a great job of cleaning and won’t poison you in the long run. 🙂

  2. Actually… Allergy symptoms are caused by your immune system. The stronger the immune system, the more violent the symptoms. Point #5 makes absolutely no sense. A strong immune system may be good for fighting a lot of medical conditions, but allergies is just not one of them.

    1. Actually, that’s just not true. The weaker the immune system, the worse the reactions. That’s science for you.

      1. I think you’re both right. If your immune system is depresses you are more susceptible to illnesses. But;
        And allergies and autoimmune diseases are MORE aggressive if your immune system is strong. This is because your body mis identifies inert substances as harmful and overreacts and can engages in friendly fire. Which is auto immune reactions.

        So if your strong immune system is auto immune based, possibly because of allergies, its gonna attack you more not less. If it is occupied in this way, you could be more susceptible to other illnesses.

        Idk what that means if you should strengthen yours or not, but just from a physiology stand point auto immune reactions make your immune system act crazy.

    2. I drink a lot of beer. Mosquitoes wont land on me in the summer when im sweating.
      I use no spray.

  3. I’m 46 and eat maybe once a day or two sometimes three. I drink coffee and smoke cigarettes. Yet my immune system works great. Two weeks ago I severely cut my finger requiring stitches. I skipped the trip to the hospital. The wound is healed now with no bout with infection… Why?… Because I expose myself to life and let my immune system strengthen itself naturally like it is meant to do. Forget the medication and all the diets… Just take what you need and not what you want and life would be so much happier. ☺

  4. I take extra strong reactin and advil at the same time . Only thing that works for me.

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