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5 ales that taste like actual beer, not barley-scented water

Let me just start off by saying, it’s a great time to be a beer drinker. There are so many amazing choices out there now brewed by people who are passionate about the craft.

If you live in Ontario, your local LCBO carries so many of those great beers. If you’re still buying beer by the “two-four” and getting giddy about the free, heavily-branded t-shirt inside, then you may be a lost cause, but if you’re man enough to drink beer with flavour and have the stones to brave the refrigerated aisles of the LCBO with cougars looking for fluorescent fruit-flavoured sugar-booze, then you might want to keep an eye out for these five brilliant ales that taste like they may actually sprout hair on your chest with each swig of the bottle:

Mukoka Brewery, Detour

Muskoka Brewery, Detour – At 4% a.b.v. it’s technically light, but the taste is far from it.

Flying Monkey, Hoptical Illusion

Flying Monkeys, Hoptical Illusion – At 5%, this is a regular “strength” beer, but punches well above its weight in the flavour department.

Tree Brewing Cutthroat

Tree Brewing, Cutthroat – At 5% this is lighter full-flavoured west coat ale that’s not too bitter. If I had to pick one beer to stock my fridge with right now, this may very well be it.

Side Launch Pale Ale

Side Launch, Pale Ale – Delivers tonnes of flavour, with a smooth velvety texture. My newest discovery, I’ll be going back for more soon. At 5.3%, it’s not going to knock you off your chair, but it’s a little stronger than some.

Spearhead Moroccan Brown

Spearhead, Moroccan Brown – The only beer I’ve ever tried that’s brewed with figs. At 6.0% you need to watch your intake a little, but ounce for ounce, there are few tastier.


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