100 Happy DaysI do have time for happy. I always have time for happy, as a matter of fact.

One of the things that makes me most happy is taking photos, so thanks to my wonderful friend Peady who told me about it, Im really excited to be participating in this particular photo-a-day challenge.

It’s my belief that happiness begets happiness, and that we all need to slow down a little and take in the days as they whiz by. Sunshine streaming in a window, the giggle of a little kid, hot tea, or a cool breeze… whatever it is that gives you a moment of happiness, remember that. We often focus on the negatives: I got a C, why not an A? (Did you try your best?) The month is half-gone. (But there’s still half left!) It’s so cold. (But you’re inside where it’s toasty warm.) Let’s switch it up and focus on some happy, ok?

If you decide to sign up for #100happydays, let me know! And if you’re on Instagram, please give me a nudge and I’ll follow you. (I’m @StillClippo over there.)

Here we go!

#100happydays #day1
storyThis is my daughter. Each and every day, she makes me feel so overwhelmingly proud and happy.

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7 thoughts on “#100HappyDays

  1. Oh! I love this!! 😀

    I am so happy to have someone so lovely to share the “happy” with all the time! You already know, I’m in, but in case people want to share some of my “happy” they can find me @peadypics on IG.

    This will carry us to just after Canada Day! Isn’t that something? So, who cares about the perpetual winter outside?! We’ve got some happy to find and share!

    1. Wow, can you imagine… July? I can’t even fathom it ever being warm again. :p

    1. Not at all. It’s a personal challenge, to encourage us all to find the nuggets of happiness daily so you really don’t have to have ANY way to share unless you want to. If you sign up, though, you’re given options for sharing like via FB, IG, Twitter… if you use the hashtag on FB it tracks them all too.

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