100 Lies People Tell

100 Lies People Tell

100. It wasn’t me.
99. I’ll only eat one.
98. I don’t have time to work out.
97. I invented that.
96. I’m not good enough.
95. I need others to make me happy.
94. I’m better than him/her.
93. I’m not attractive.
92. My opinion doesn’t matter.
91. If I had more money, life would be better.
90. I’ll do it tomorrow.
89. I don’t know how.
88. I’m not judging.
87.  It didn’t happen.
86. Nobody cares about me.
85. I don’t gossip.
84. I’m happy.
83. I’m sorry.
82. I forgot.
81. I made it from scratch.
80. It’s just a small white lie.
79. I didn’t tell anyone.
78. I’m fine.
76. I did it.
75. I’m fat.
74. It was just once.
73. I’m honest.
72. I don’t believe.
71. I believe.
70. I love you.
69. I don’t love you.
68. It doesn’t matter.
67. It’s not my fault.
66. Nobody cares about me.
65. I’m alternative.
64. I’m a great driver.
63. I’m not an asshole, I’m just opinionated.
62. I can’t quit.
61. I’m in control.
60. My opinions are facts.
59. It’s not me, it’s them.
58. Nobody will know.
57. It’s natural.
56. I’ve tried everything.
55. He/she would never do that.
54. I didn’t forget.
53. It’s over.
52. I tried my best.
51. I’m above that.
50. I hate drama.
49. I didn’t do it.
48. I can’t control my life.
47. I don’t know.
46. I won’t tell.
45. Your baby is cute.
44. No, you look great in those pants.
43. I didn’t say that.
42. You’re the first.
41. I saw nothing.
40. I didn’t use it.
39. It was an accident.
38. I do.
37. I want to hang out.
36. I could have done more.
35. You look nice.
34. I like you.
33. I read that.
32. It’s impossible.
31. I don’t watch reality tv.
30. I like those shoes.
29. I tried calling.
28. I always floss.
27. I’m happy alone.
26. I write great poetry.
25. I’m not jealous.
24. It’s all good.
23. There’s nothing I can do for you.
22. I’m not afraid.
21. It meant nothing.
20. I lost track of time.
19. I like art.
18. Material goods equal superiority.
17. It’s so great to hear from you.
16. You’re great.
15. Your work is amazing.
14. I never drink.
13. I always mean to visit.
12. I’m a great singer.
11. Till death do us part.
10. I don’t lie.
9. My kids are angels.
8. I’ll be there soon.
7. I’ve never done anything illegal.
6. You’re my favourite.
5. You’re the best I’ve ever had.
4. I don’t miss you.
3. It doesn’t bother me.
2. I can’t do it.
1. Just the tip.

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8 thoughts on “100 Lies People Tell

  1. >Don't forget:
    -Thank you
    -Good to see you
    -Nice to meet you
    -I didn't get your text/e-mail/voicemail

  2. >Man are we ever a bunch of lying, thieving no good, scoundrels. Love it.

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