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Most romantic time of the year

Back in April of 2004, Ryan and I had been dating for about 6 years, and I’ll admit that I was wondering if we’d ever get married. I wasn’t waiting around silently for a magical proposal — oh, no, we had discussed it many times and Ryan just wasn’t sure marriage was something he wanted the same way I did. I can’t say that didn’t hurt a little, but certainly the relationship we had together was more important to me than a marriage proposal so we carried on.

At the time, I had the cutest little bungalow in Leslieville in Toronto and Ryan had just bought his first house nearby in Riverdale. We had good jobs, enjoyed our city lives. Things were great!

One night, we’d had a date planned at a cute little Italian restaurant (remind me to tell you another story about that place another time!) and he was late picking me up. I was miffed. It was a drizzly evening and I was hungry and frustrated. By the time he picked me up we were running behind for our reservation and because the place was so small, I was worried we’d miss out on our table for two.

Turns out, he’d stopped for coffee before coming over and wanted to take a walk along Broadview, overlooking Riverdale Park. Though beautiful, Ryan was acting strange, the drizzle was making mess of my hair, and I was hungry. Hangry, even. Did I mention I was frustrated? Ha.

I drank my Tim Horton’s coffee as we stood overlooking the city. It really was beautiful. But oh my god, I was hungry.

I was walking a few feet behind Ryan when he rolled up his cup rim and said he lost and asked me if I’d rolled mine. I said I hadn’t, and he suggested I roll it up. Why was he asking so strange?

Something flashed in the back of my mind as I rolled that rim.


I squinted to read it in the dark, surprised it hadn’t told me to play again.

I looked up, and there he was, on one knee in the rain, proposing. I’d love to say I remember the words, but I don’t. Clearly I said, “yes”, and I know that when we went to the restaurant, our friends were sitting waiting for us (another surprise!) to enjoy our celebration.

Every year I mean to write about our proposal, because it was just so incredibly special. I did write about it when I blogged on Xanga but that was so long ago!

But this week, another guy proposed in the same way and when I read about it in the news, it made my heart happy and I wanted to share our story. Now you know why Roll Up the Rim is the most romantic time of the year for me.

Did you have a fun proposal?

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11 Responses to “Most romantic time of the year”

  1. Louise

    What a lovely story. It’s not how it happened, but rather all the things that didn’t happen leading up to the moment Jon asked me, that made our proposal perfect (albeit, clumsy). It certainly didn’t play out the way he thought it would, and in the end it was the perfect snapshot of who we were at the time. Even though I had hoped it would come, I was still surprised he loved me enough to go through a ritual that wasn’t natural for him.

    • alexandria

      I think there is great beauty in that kind of proposal, and I’d love to hear the whole story.

  2. Brandee

    I love that story every time you’ve told it. I think it is sweet, thoughtful and creative, and such a great story to boot.

    • alexandria

      Though I rarely drink Timmies, every Roll up the Rim time, I get a little nostalgic. 🙂

  3. Ladyedotme

    Super cute!
    (My keyboard skipped the C and wrote “Super uterus!” I was gonna just leave it but you’d be doing a WTF.)

    My husband gave me a birthday card that said “To my fiancé”.
    Very presumptuous of him. Ha

    • alex durrell

      Haaaahahahaha but my uterus IS pretty super, so thank you!

      That’s a clever way to propose.

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