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Monster Jam is BACK!

It’s that time of year again… we’re all freezing cold and looking for some winter fun. We ski, we toboggan, we stay in and have movie nights, but  sometimes we gotta do something else. Every January, my son looks forward to Monster Jam in Toronto, and this year’s no exception!

If you’ve been reading here any length of time, you know we’re fans of the loud, crazy experience that is Monster Jam. If you need any reasons to go, check out THIS post. Never expected to love it, but totally do.

This week, I had the privilege of interviewing BJ Johnson, the multi-talented guy who proudly drives Gas Monkey garage. I betcha didn’t know BJ is one of just a couple drivers who still builds the monster trucks, did you?

BJ’s one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing — he’s a family man with a passion he’s followed, and you know how much I like people who follow their passions, right? He sure keeps busy, with his Pit Party Coordinator wife — he touches every truck that you see perform, and maintains his own along with the crew, too. He’s a tattoo artist in his “free” time, loves to cook, and is the father of three daughters (one of whom wants to design Monster Trucks when she graduates from her art & design program!).

BJ drove for independent teams for many years, and then contacted a man named Mike Wales. He informed him that BJ could come work for the company, but they didn’t have an open seat at the time. So in 2013 BJ was Candice Jolly’s (Monster Mutt Dalmatian) Crew Chief. When Monster Jam decided to get a second Mohawk Warrior truck he was offered a seat to drive.

His favourite Monster Jam memory is winning it all in Australia when he was called in as back-up driver, and ended up in the driver’s seat of Medusa as the winner!

His piece of advice for all the fans out there?

Stay in school. Take as many mechanic classes as you can and tinker on your daily driver. The more you can learn and know about the trucks, the better of a driver you will be.”

Sure, he gets to travel, and see places he’d never usually see, but he also misses his family a whole lot, so when you see him driving, cheer extra loud, ok? We will be!

Monster Jam is something I seriously never thought I’d love, but look forward to every year.

Would you like to go? I’ve got a family pass of 4 tix to give away to one lucky winner… enter below! If you’re not the lucky winner, buy your tix for either of the two Toronto shows HERE.

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