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*~GIVEAWAY CLOSED~* 5 Holiday Shopping Tips That’ll Help Kids Dream BIG!

I’ve spent the last few weeks (ok, who am I kidding… months…) purging stuff from my house. With the upcoming gift giving season soon upon us, I’m sort of dreading the influx of toys that’ll land here and rarely be played with. I LOVE seeing my kids get excited about gifts, but I’d much rather spend wisely on things that’ll really enrich their play time.

That’s  why I shop at Mastermind Toys. They’ve got the best selection for kids that really help spark imagination, creativity, and fun that lasts.

Wanna help  kids truly dream big? Here are some tips for ya:

1. Peruse the Mastermind Toys’ Holiday Gift Guide for inspiration. My kids are thrilled to flip through the pages, and I love knowing that the curated choices are high quality, at great prices.

2. Shop online anytime using Mastermind Toys’ Gift Finder tool, with its helpful filters by age, etc. I find it particularly helpful for shopping for kids outside my own kids’ age brackets. Not sure what’s hot this year? Mastermind can help!

3. Visit your local Mastermind Toys store and get help from their friendly and knowledgeable Toy Experts. Seriously, their staff is so well-trained, and so friendly. We love their recommendations, and the fact that they all really, really love toys.

4. Pay attention to what sparks your kids’ interests during the year. My son is currently really into rocks and minerals, so I love fostering that passion. He loves to build, so LEGO is always a winner, and finding books that relate to his play interests means he’s also boosting his reading skills while playing!

5. Like clothing, but toys kids can grow into. Go an age group up on activity-based toys (assuming safety is still being heeded!), to give kids a challenge. We love the science kits that really stretch imagination and learning. And LEGO kits that are for older kids are so fun for my 7-year-old. When things are too simple, kids lose intere


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Disclosure: I was compensated by Mastermind Toys for this post, but as always, the opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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