How Blogging is Like Orange is the New Black

There’s a (really good) chance I’ve spent too long thinking about this, but I think that we bloggers have an awful lot in common with the illustrious ladies of Litchfield in Orange is the New Black. Some of us are a little bit Crazy Eyes, some are a little Taystee. Maybe a little bit Red.

Today I wasted more time than I’m going to admit figuring out just how blogging is like Orange is the New Black, and all kinds of ways we bloggers are like those inmates. I’m pleased (and sort of embarrassed) to present this to you all.

blogging is the new black

Bloggers see all. They know all. It’s a smaller world than you may think. Just ask a blogger if they know another blogger, and I bet there’s some kinda Six Degrees of Piper Chapman thing going on. Did you just fumble and quietly hope nobody noticed? Oh. They. Did.

Bloggers are more than happy to tell you how they wanna get paid. In toothpaste? Hellz no! In thanks? NOPE!

There’s something new to be learned every. single. day. And even when you think you know something, you probably don’t, and some blogger is there to give you some learnin’.

When we go to conferences, we spend way too much time worrying about what we’re going to wear. Seriously. 

There’s an unwritten code of conduct. And the very moment you cross a line you’re gonna find out about it. 

Getting out of the house is a little intimidating for most of us, so we like to stick close to friends at events.

But once we’re out, we definitely like to show off our skillz in crazy displays of costumery, dancing and karaoke. 

Sometimes we get a little over-enthusiastic about our beliefs and opinions, sure.

But we can always find some mutual respect (at the bottom of a cup of coffee, usually).

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6 thoughts on “How Blogging is Like Orange is the New Black

  1. OMG! I’m commenting before I even read because this is just such an awesome concept I cannot help myself!! 😀

    We are up to Ep. 5. Oh my word!! So good!!

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