This is a post about kids and sleep

I’m betting that one of the most oft-Googled subjects for parents relates to kids and their sleep. For new parents, getting baby to sleep (and to stay asleep) is a major challenge. Such a challenge in fact, that there are … Continue reading

Providing Smiles to Sick Children: Starlight Foundation’s 1st Annual Tea & Tiaras

If you’re a parent like me, you probably know the worry you feel when your child is sick. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mild fever, a strange rash, or something more serious — we worry. That’s what we do. When … Continue reading

Lay the smackdown on seasonal allergies

Ok, so you all know how much of my life revolves around allergies, right? I’m an allergy blogger, my son has life-threatening food allergies, environmental/animal allergies and asthma, my husband has a multitude of seasonal/environmental/animal allergies and I’ve got my … Continue reading