#BlogSmallJoys: There is Always Light

The sun’s shining, winter’s on its last legs, and this submission to my #BlogSmallJoys series is truly beautiful. Janet of FreelanceMama.ca submitted this lovely piece. Janet is a freelance writer and communications consultant, and mom to two young children. She blogs about parenting, self-employment, … Continue reading

Fat’s Unhealthy, Except When It’s Not (giveaway closed)

**GIVEAWAY CLOSED** Red wine is healthy! But not too much. Chocolate’s good for your heart! But no, not really. Fats are unhealthy, but you need healthy fats. Gluten-free is the way to go! Except when it’s not. Man, nutrition is confusing, … Continue reading

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Table & Gifts

In our family, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all kinds of love. I celebrate my love for my husband, of course, but we also love including our kids in the fun, and in turn, they hand out Valentine’s to … Continue reading