Mason Unwraps a Smile with Kinder Surprise

It’s Halloweek here — all Halloween talk, all the time. The kids have been counting down the days to their sugar comas for days, and Friday can’t come soon enough for them. My daughter doesn’t even care that the forecast … Continue reading

Why do celebrities get plastic surgery?

(this piece appeared in its original form on in 2012) Oh, hello Lara Flynn Boyle, I didn’t recognize you and your new face. You ask why she has done this to herself, but come on, you know why. Why do celebrities repeatedly … Continue reading

SunRype FruitActiv Totally Made my Mornings!

I don’t know who you people are who wake up refreshed at 5am, prepare a healthy breakfast for your entire family, eat it in peace, place those amazing lunches (that you packed the night before) into your kids’ backpacks and … Continue reading